Our History...

Formally branded as The Computer Outlet, LLC, back in the 1990's on Locust Street in Columbia PA, the original business was founded by Leo & Carol Racine. Then in 2004 Leo and Carol moved it to 23 N. 4th Street in the former Ceramic Shop. Sadly Carol passed away a few years ago, and Leo is now living in retirement. The business was bought back in 2005, and rebranded Columbia Discount Computers. Ever since that first day in 2005 I have taken Leo and Carol's value of customer service, and honored them by still serving the wonderful community of Columbia and beyond just like they used too. We are proud of our business heritage in town here, and love the community of Columbia!

Meet the team!


Leo & Carol Racine


Originals Founders of The Computer Outlet, LLC (Known currently as Columbia Discount Computers)


Jesse Sweigart

Current Owner

Jesse Sweigart has been in the computer field since the early 1990's and brings years of computer experience from grade school on up with him. He also is one of the only people in the country that still support vintage computing.


Amber & Audrey

Future Owners

Amber and Audrey are currently learning the trade, maybe in the future their dad can retire and they can lead the business. A dad could only hope!